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Choose from natural ventilation or forced air ventilation with our versatile products.

Natural Ventilation
Half Roof Gutter Vent

Roof Vents:

  • Ridge vents with rack and pinion drive system
  • ½ roof (poly) gutter vents with rack and pinion drive system
Wall Vent

Gable and Side Wall Vents:

  • Rack and pinion drive system available with outside lifting mechanism
  • Can be adapted to various existing structures
Roll-up Vent applied to garble

(Poly) Roll-up Vents:

  • An economical, manual or automatic means of freestanding or small gutter connect greenhouses
  • Can be adapted to various existing structures
Motorized Rack & Pinion drive system

Vent Openers:

  • Motorized, with torque and travel limits, ready for computer hook-up or with four stage thermostat
  • Chain and pulley manual opener
  • Manual crank openers
Ventilation diagram

Forced Air Ventilation
You can use a variety of control strategies to operate ventilation fans. In climate control situations, the operation of the ventilation fans is coordinated with your heating system to maximize energy efficiency.

For multi-fan applications, the Batavia system regulates the operation of fans based on the current calculated ventilating requirement. Fans can be operated individually or in groups to achieve varied ventilation rates. Each fan can be controlled using a simple off/on strategy, or with pulse width modulation (PWM). With PWM control, the control system regulates the on/off times as well as the numbers of fans operating to precisely match the current cooling or dehumidification requirements. This results in exceptional temperature control precision. Fan operation can also be coordinated with evaporative cooling pad(s) systems.

For special applications, enhanced programs are available. These powerful, highly flexible programs allow you to easily specify the rules and conditions for fan operation that suit your requirements.

Features of Batavia ventilation fan operation control programs include:

  • Fully user customizable multi fan output grouping and staging
  • On/Off control
  • Multiple speed control
  • Variable speed control
  • Evaporative cooling settings
  • Pulse width modulation (PWM) control
  • Minimum on/off time fan cycling protection
  • Sprayer interlock settings

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